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If you’ve planned the vacation of your dreams, the last thing you want to worry about are dental emergencies, right? Right. So, to help you prevent dental emergencies while you’re away from home, Dr. James Kinsel and our dental team have some tips and information for you.

First, it’s best to avoid starting major dental procedures before leaving, like dental crown treatment or root canal therapy. This is because there is a high chance you’ll experience pain throughout your vacation or you might be stuck in the middle stages of the treatment. If there is no way around this, make sure you find a dentist in the area who can help you if necessary.

Second, take care of any dental issues before you hit the road. This is especially true if you have a worn down filling or if you have a loose crown. If you get them fixed, you don’t have to worry about your filling or crown falling out of place while you’re on vacation. However, if you can’t fix these issues before you leave, there are ways you can improve the situation until you get back into town. Use over-the-counter dental cement to fill the hole in your tooth or to place the crown back in place.

Third, keep up on oral hygiene. Brushing twice and flossing and rinsing once each day will help you avoid dental issues like tooth decay, gum disease, and other major dental issues while traveling.

To learn more about how to avoid dental emergencies while you’re traveling, please don’t hesitate to give Clear Lake Dental a call. All you need to do is dial 707-994-9414 and your dentist in Clearlake, California, and our dental team will be happy to tell you all about the best ways to keep your smile in tip-top shape while you’re traveling. We look forward to talking with you!