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Are you aware of the hazards that acidic foods and drinks can place on your smile? If harmful acids build up in your mouth, dental erosion can occur. Dental erosion, also known as acid erosion, is a condition in which you suffer a loss of tooth structure due to damage from harmful acids. Acid erosion can be caused by a variety of sources, so take the time to protect your teeth and your smile.

Often times, dental erosion is most prevalent due to the foods and drinks you are consuming. If a food or drink you are ingesting contains a very low pH level, you are at an increased risk for enamel loss. This also includes products that have large amounts of sugar, as sugar can be transformed into harmful acids in your mouth. Protect your teeth and smile by eating right and avoiding snacking between meals.

Be careful of the cleaning utensils you use to counteract dental erosion. After eating, your teeth can be extra sensitive due to exposure to acids, so you should avoid toothpaste that can be extra abrasive. Instead, only use toothpaste that has a bicarbonate in it. Otherwise, stick to mouthwash and chewing sugarless gum after meals to help counteract and neutralize acids in your mouth.

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