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You’ve heard that it’s important for you to brush and floss your teeth. Similarly, you may have heard that you’ll need to visit your dentist regularly—especially if you’d like to keep your smile healthy and strong. Still, did you know that having your teeth cleaned is one crucial reason for these regular visits?

You see, there are different types of dental cleanings that can be used to match a number of situations. For instance, a normal cleaning is referred to as a preventative cleaning. Typically, this cleaning is used to thoroughly clean your teeth and your gums. Similarly, if you have gum disease in its early stages, our team will use specially designed instruments to remove plaque and tartar from your mouth. Finally, we may recommend a deep cleaning for more advanced cases of gum disease, which can help reverse the problem.

A dental cleaning will also help you have a brighter smile and can ultimately save you money. A cleaning will you keep your teeth healthy, prevent cavities, and even help you avoid root canals. Also during your cleaning, our team will be able to identify issues before they get serious—which will let our team fight prevent the problem.

If you think you need to come in for a dental cleaning, please don’t hesitate to contact Clear Lake Dental at 707-994-9414. Dr. James Kinsel and our team will examine the state of your mouth and offer you any personalized advice you need. We are excited to help you maintain your confident smile!