Flossing: The Key to a Healthy Smile

Flossing is one important key to fantastic oral health. Our dental team cares deeply for the state of your teeth and gums–so let’s talk flossing. Brushing your teeth twice a day is, of course, essential for healthy teeth. It scrubs away food particles and plaque that can harden into tartar, causing cavities and other oral… Read more »

Focus Your Oral Health Care on Oral Emergencies

Have you ever suffered from an oral emergency before? If not, it is important to remember that a single moment in time due to an oral accident or injury is enough to completely destroy your smile. Thus, it is important to always make sure you’re taking the necessary steps to keep your smile safe from… Read more »

A Dental Implant Supported Bridge Might Be Needed to Restore Multiple Missing Teeth

Automotive collisions and sports injuries, and severe oral trauma can sometimes cause significant damage to the roots of multiple teeth in one specific part of the mouth. In some of these cases, the trauma is too severe for Dr. to restore the teeth with a root canal.   In a situation like this might advocate… Read more »

How to Use Mouthwash

Rinse and spit: mouthwash is easy, right? Think it or not, using mouthwash is a little bit more complex than that. (But once you get down the steps, it really isn’t tricky at all.) We’ve put together a few instructions to assist you in getting the most out of your mouthwash-swishing sessions. Utilized appropriately, mouthwash… Read more »

Oral Health ABCs: Dental Erosion

Are you aware of the hazards that acidic foods and drinks can place on your smile? If harmful acids build up in your mouth, dental erosion can occur. Dental erosion, also known as acid erosion, is a condition in which you suffer a loss of tooth structure due to damage from harmful acids. Acid erosion… Read more »

These Foods Will Improve Your Dental Health

We know that shopping can be stressful. “Is this good for?” “Isn’t that kind of food supposed to be bad for me?” Believe it or not, there are many foods that are great for your oral health. Here are a few treats you don’t have to get tense about: -Almonds. Almonds contain teeth-fortifying vitamins, so… Read more »

General Information about Water Flossing

Even though dental floss is a highly effective interdental tool for cleaning between your teeth, threaded floss does not always work effectively for everyone. Some individuals may have arthritis or simply cannot easily reach every space between their teeth and gums. Thanks to modern technology, you can now purchase utensils called water flossers to use… Read more »

A Toothache Always Needs to Be Treated by a Dentist

Toothaches can be caused by several different things. They are most commonly associated with an untreated cavity or a bad filling that has allowed tooth decay to afflict the interior tissues of the tooth. In other cases, a recent dental trauma can compromise the pulp, root, or socket of the tooth causing pain and localized… Read more »

Boost Your Summer Smile with These Toothbrush Tips.

Brushing your teeth is paramount to ensuring that your smile will not suffer from tooth decay other problems. If you fail to brush every day, your teeth and gums will suffer. Make sure that you are getting the most out of brushing your teeth consider the following tips . Create an improved oral health identity… Read more »

The Steps to Enhancing a Smile with Teeth Whitening

If you want a bright and brilliant smile, teeth whitening is the right step toward your smile goals. When you come to for treatment, Dr. and our dental team will make sure you have a comfortable and pleasant experience. To help you know what to expect while you’re in the dental chair, we will be… Read more »