Dental Sealants Help Protect Your Child’s Back Teeth from Cavities

Here at , we understand that parents are passionate about preserving the health of their child’s mouth. Every routine dental checkup is designed to address every aspect of maintaining their good oral health through a dental cleaning and oral examination. If Dr. finds a concern at any step along the way, will offer possible treatment… Read more »

Dark Stains on Your Smile Can Be Removed by a Dental Bleaching Treatment

Dark stains can form on the teeth in your smile from several different sources. Some of the more likely culprits include the regular consumption of dark foods and beverages. Tobacco use, even on an occasional basis, can cause significant stains in your tooth enamel in a very short amount of time. When this happens, the… Read more »

Your Regular Dental Checkup Includes an Oral Cancer Screening

The American Dental Association recommends having a regular dental checkup and cleaning performed every six months to maintain good oral health. To this end, every dental checkup administered at is intended to address all aspects of a healthy mouth. This starts with a thorough dental cleaning to remove any traces of hardened tartar. It also… Read more »

The Three Allergies that Are Important to Mention at Your Dental Appointment

Unfortunately, there are many things you might be allergic to when it comes to the dental office. If this is the case, you need to remember to tell Dr. so you can have a safe and pleasant dental experience when you come into . Some dental allergies you might have include: –Latex: Latex is a… Read more »

Protect Your Teeth from the Dangers of Cavities

Protect your teeth from the dangers of cavities. Sugars are often considered harmful to our teeth, but for reasons you may not know. Bacteria plays as much of a role in tooth decay as sugars do. The bacteria in plaque buildup in your mouth can convert sugars into harmful acids that can eat through our… Read more »

Do You Want a New and Attractive Smile This New Year? If So, Consider These Things

When a new year begins, many people wish for a more beautiful and attractive smile. This might be because they feel self-conscious about their appearance or because they want a smile they can be proud of. If you’re one of these people, our dental team has some good news for you! Your dentist, Dr. ,… Read more »

A Healthy Life Starts with a Healthy Mouth

We all know the tips to living a healthier life – ditch soda, pizza, and cake, and eat more broccoli, lettuce, and lean meats. Oh, and you have to exercise too. But for all of our obsessions over healthy lifestyles, it’s easy to overlook the biggest indicator of systemic health – your oral health. Why… Read more »

Dental Crown Uses & Care

What is a dental crown? If one of your teeth is damaged or decayed, Dr. may recommend a dental crown in , . A dental crown, which is tooth shaped, is placed over a tooth to restore its shape, size, strength, and appearance. When cemented in place, the dental crown will cover and protect the… Read more »

Coping With a Dental Emergency

Do you know what you would do during a dental emergency? Do you know what would qualify as a dental emergency? Accidents can happen very quickly and can be incredibly unpleasant experiences. But if you know what to do, you could actually take steps to save your tooth. Many things can constitute a dental emergency…. Read more »

What Pregnancy Does to Your Oral Health

The human body changes when a woman is pregnant. Pregnant women need to take care of their bodies to make sure their baby is healthy. However, many pregnant women forget about the importance of protecting their oral health. In reality, if pregnant women don’t care for their teeth well, they could experience a number of… Read more »